all i have now
and may have then
the rights to my works
and my legacies

who care not for it
yet all signed to they
no tangible value
Just discard of me

then turn the last page
ignore the gloss
the next step is backwards
and all for nought

its not cruel
its the way things are
no battle is won
just merely fought

So cherish it now, and thats all it means
nevermind what happens next.

if it desires to be
loved and kissed
or to be untouched
its all the same

its already purchased
so pay your dues
and forget respects
they have no shame

just a wicked grasp
cloaked in warm embrace
blissful but false
there for the take

and not for the give
the function of x
is just a stones throw
on a frozen lake

a prized possesion, held in a weakening grip
nevermind what happens next.

Thanatos hears no plea’s