Vague, my recall of your smile.
Wire bound, dust worn picture album
black and white in forty two
colour ink, page thirty thousand

Though most of me, is most of you
part my code is from far away
not from where you worked the land..
not from where you fought to save…


Brave blood flowed across the shores
to dilute the deep blue open seas

the waves carry them back home
to hidden angers and bitten tongues..

‘they didn’t die for you, or this future’
No repayments for the service..

Tell me sir, Were you afraid
of your blues becoming a lighter shade?


A cloth of stars, on royal shades
a rope that binds them onto you
their garbled sounds you can’t detune
your coat tails worn from overuse

And as the echos of the brass
clear the room in prep for silence
there stands a man, no less a man
always giving his full respect.