I keep on forcing a straight face to hide my despair

trying to make sense of something that just wasnt there

I think I’ve dried both my eyes out, so blanky I stare

I think I know where I’m heading, I’m heading nowhere


When did my strides beside you reduce to listless shuffling of my aimless feet?

When did the time beside you turn to empty spaces hollowed out of me?


Let me be, cos my misery hates company……


I never broke any mirrors or signed in red ink

I never felt this was coming and I’m starting to think

that everyone else said something to sway you from me

you thought my arms become shackles and needed to flee


when did the sight of you deflate my heart and pain me thru my soul?

when did the thought of you shut out the world and kill my self control?


Let me be, cos my misery hates company….


Don’t reach for me, my suffering transfers easily….


i’m not here

i’m just buried under fear

Then some day, I’ll return

from this lesson I will learn