One Size Fits All

I dont want to ask anymore of you
for your heart is gold
your intentions good

but i still feel misunderstood

as if we see through common holes
the generic binds of tortured souls

I feel, as though the water stopped.
The rusted tap won’t drip

I am not one size fits all
but I’m a glove thats stretched to fit..

The Black Mare

“Silver moon, scattered skies an empty path and a fearless heart

with nothing to trust no laws to restrain the black mare bucks in a crackle of flame

The dendroids line our way, their swaying reaches that I swiftly evade

Through a meandering night howls a metallic scream voicing attempts to escape the constant binding of dreams”

My Brother Perennial

Turn your ears my friend
turn them and hear his word
he speaks

his whispers commanding
and his word emboldening

Dare not lay eyes onto him
because he sees all
he watches

his vantage point high
and his stare loving

Speak onto him
ask him your queries
for he knows much
and yet, answers little
because the best answer
was within you all along

he gives himself willingly
a bearer for your pains,
an avenue for your worries.
They follow in his footsteps,
and climb up on his shoulders
to be calmed by his touch

As those wheels stopped turning
elsewhere others started spinning.
Just as when the night sets in
elsewhere it is morning..


all i have now
and may have then
the rights to my works
and my legacies

who care not for it
yet all signed to they
no tangible value
Just discard of me

then turn the last page
ignore the gloss
the next step is backwards
and all for nought

its not cruel
its the way things are
no battle is won
just merely fought

So cherish it now, and thats all it means
nevermind what happens next.

if it desires to be
loved and kissed
or to be untouched
its all the same

its already purchased
so pay your dues
and forget respects
they have no shame

just a wicked grasp
cloaked in warm embrace
blissful but false
there for the take

and not for the give
the function of x
is just a stones throw
on a frozen lake

a prized possesion, held in a weakening grip
nevermind what happens next.

Thanatos hears no plea’s

Watery Grave (Sinking into the abyss)

A hand out of reach
through ten million bubbles

a light globe that flickers
a steel chest that heaves

a destitute dog
that wanders abandoned

he reminds you of autumn
when a tree sheds its leaves

They tumble away,

In a watery grave
from an empty existence
at the edge of darkness
licks the flicker of flame

time only serves
as a constant reminder
you can not be forgotten
you will always remain

the work of a craftsman
stupid and hopeless

whispered commandments
words best left untold

they swore oaths to help
came and then spurned you

left you there drifting
with nothing to hold

and you drifted away,


White Goddess,
I’ll meet you on the crystal plain

and fade with you
into the turquoise horizon…

She floated closer,
then vanished in the haze..

And now I watch the lightning strikes, reveal the hiding clouds

like vapour trails

the memories

and now I watch the lightning strikes, reveal the hiding clouds

like vapour trails

Shadows of Clouds

In the darkened room of the midnight hours
when the only thing stirring in her lonely wait
are the shadows of clouds…

They tiptoe past in the moonlit sky

she’s always alone,
but too strong to cry

theres no point to that
she knows this well
tears just dry out
in the new morning sun

and so she avoids
t, you, and me.

fear in a lie
she started to believe.

The simple harmony of her days
it all traces back from a blossoming bud
subjected to a shameful act…

and from the piled stones made from fears and doubts

Where she led her heart
then she cast it out

for the pain it caused
so now she guards each night
a sentry to stop
its attempts to return

and so she removed
it, you, and me.

fear in a lie
she started to believe.

In fear of hurting those who try
a revelation in waiting, always sitting alone
hidden as the sun retreats…

In the wheatfield that divides two towns

I found her here
and as I laid down

I caught a glimpse of a world
that I wanted to share
but the gate was locked shut
and only she held the key

she was betrayed by,
it, you, and me.

fear in a lie
she started to believe

and I wish that at least I had thrown myself
at the wall to move it an inch at a time
till through my efforts she came to see
a truth from which she could be freed.


Pulling out white teeth, between hopeless sighs
in the unblinking gaze of the dead ox’s eye

The last man standing keeps breaking your heart
cue a new victim picked for the perpetual task

That old cliche
bonded to you
the loneliness
it eats at you

You and your
acidic romances

Interwoven memories, a veil for fear
only the bravest of moonbeams stay here

Inaudible whispers keep risking their lives
down the path strewn with clouds, that obscure and disguise.

Shades of Blue

Vague, my recall of your smile.
Wire bound, dust worn picture album
black and white in forty two
colour ink, page thirty thousand

Though most of me, is most of you
part my code is from far away
not from where you worked the land..
not from where you fought to save…


Brave blood flowed across the shores
to dilute the deep blue open seas

the waves carry them back home
to hidden angers and bitten tongues..

‘they didn’t die for you, or this future’
No repayments for the service..

Tell me sir, Were you afraid
of your blues becoming a lighter shade?


A cloth of stars, on royal shades
a rope that binds them onto you
their garbled sounds you can’t detune
your coat tails worn from overuse

And as the echos of the brass
clear the room in prep for silence
there stands a man, no less a man
always giving his full respect.